Koen Pauwel

New product success by Speed, Audiences and Creative: Key Learnings from Amazon Advertising Research


Dienstag, 17. November 2020




The marketplace is undergoing rapid changes that disrupt the effectiveness of marketing as we know it – now more than ever: consumers can browse millions of products, check online reviews and pick the chosen ones to be delivered to their doorstep. But how much does advertising spending speed up new product success? Which creative works better and why? Which audiences should I target and for which products? In this presentation, we give you insight into Amazon advertising research. You will learn how much advertising accelerates the growth of online product detail page views, sales conversion rate and customer reviews. See how advertising can help to measure and reduce the uncertainty in time to reach these key milestones. Koen will also deep dive into the  quantitative analysis of hundreds of thousands of ads showing key creative elements that obtain higher success. After this session you will know which customers you should target with advertising focused on which products to reach the highest impact, and which specific levers you can pull to hit key success metrics faster.

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