Estimating incrementality – whether an ad makes a difference for an action – is central to understanding the efficiency of online advertising, in particular in the presence of sophisticated ad servers. We have developed sophisticated statistical tools to perform experiments based on a geographical decomposition of advertising markets, which allow us to estimate incrementality even for off-line actions (store visits, purchases). In this session Christoph will discuss the background of incrementality vs. attribution, how geo experiments work and how they are set up, in particular the determination of sufficiently matched market regions, and the regression scheme used to evaluate their outcome.

CLV-based marketing seems to be the holy grail of steering marketing efforts these days. One can find tons of blog posts, podcasts and slides emphasising the importance of aiming for loyal customers. While this makes complete sense in theory we hit some roadblocks along the way of implementing a marketing strategy that really puts Customer Lifetime Value at its core. In this talk I share my view on certain challenges around CLV and in which setting & channel it might still make sense to tackle these challenges. Ideally you will walk away from this session knowing what CLV is, how to calculate it properly and through which framework you can re-allocate your marketing budget for better customers.

Haben Sie schon einmal darüber nachgedacht, wie die Preise in dem Hotel, in dem Sie gerade übernachten, festgelegt werden? Warum befindet sich die Hotel Branche auf einem anderen Entwicklungsstand als beispielsweise die Fluggesellschaften oder Busunternehmen? In dieser Session zeigt Ihnen Dr. Sabine Pagel, wie das PropTech Startup Limehome diesen Prozess automatisiert – und zwar durch die Implementierung eines vollautomatisierten Preismodells. Sie erhalten Einblicke in die Faktoren, auf deren Basis das Modell aufgebaut ist, und die nächsten Entwicklungsschritte. Weiter sehen Sie, wie sich die „simply digital“ Customer Journey verbessert und so die Customer Experience komfortabel und unkompliziert gestaltet werden kann.

With the help of upper funnel pre-heat analysis (e.g., Social conversations, Google Searches, Internal searches) you are able to give an indication and build hypotheses on how later product launches will perform. This methodology is not only valuable to for future sell-out predictions and allocation planning, but also helps to support an active leak management in the marketing landscape. In this session Dr. Franziska Engelhard will give you insights how pre-heat analysis is used at adidas.


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