Heutzutage ist es in nahezu jedem Unternehmen das Ziel, datengetriebene Entscheidungen zu treffen. Doch wie lassen sich Mitarbeiter/-innen und Kollegen/-innen dazu befähigen und motivieren, öfter auf Daten statt ihr eigenes Bauchgefühl zu hören? Diese Session gibt einen Überblick über die verschiedenen Tools und Methoden, die dabei unterstützen können, eine datengetriebene Unternehmenskultur aufzubauen – von der Wahl des richtigen Analyse-Tools über die Nutzung von Ticketsystemen bis hin zum Einsatz von Multipliern.

In this talk Sharon and Max will explain, how they set up a simple but powerful analytics infrastructure at Asana Rebel, using only cloud services. This setup allows them to quickly add new data sources, for Marketing and other stakeholders. It scales easily and supports different use cases with little maintenance. How this combination allows them to cater to a wide set of stakeholders in an agile way is demonstrated by a few case studies.

Artificial Intelligence is emerging within marketing technology. But is it ready to evolve from gimmick to game-changer? Jente shares his personal experience with A.I. powered A/B testing tools. Do they deliver on the promise to try out more ideas in less time, thanks to an AI fueled algorithm? Learn how these new types of tools are moving from the lab into your marketing department.

Social network analysis (SNA) is a powerful research method from the social sciences with many practical applications for businesses, especially when looking at social media data. When users on social media platforms interact with each other by commenting, mentioning or replying to other users, network connections are created that can be analyzed and visualized for a variety of insights. While SNA once required advanced mathematical and software skills, today, this approach is accessible to non-programmers. The network analysis tool NodeXL allows the combination of network and content analysis to identify the shapes of networks, their divisions, related key topics, sentiment and influencers. This Deep Dive session provides an overview of the core concepts of SNA and demonstrates these theories through practical case studies with network data from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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